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philippine literature syllabus pdf EDUC 519 Syllabus . ph I. Folk speeches folk songs folk narratives and indigenous rituals and mimetic dances that affirm our ties with our Southeast Asian The syllabus schedule are subject to change. It considers a range of texts including novels essays and poetry and their efforts to define the notion of American identity. Pre Spanish literary types continued to develop however there was a gradual shift of interest from nature and natural phenomena to the lives of the saints hymns miracles and invocations based on the teachings of the Catholic Church. Select the one that is best in each case. Philippine Literature 1 Philippine Referendum of 1599 2 Philosophy of education 2 Phmn 9 10 1 Picking grain on Sabbath 1 Pius XI 1 Plato 1 Pleasing God alone 1 Poem Analysis 1 Poor 1 Pope Francis 2 Popes on the Rosary 1 Post Easter Kerygma 1 Post Modernity 1 The primary focus of any literature course is the close examination of texts. Certain events from the nation s history had forced lowland Filipinos to begin counting the years of history from 1521 the first time written records by Westerners referred to United States Colonial Rule in the Philippines. Y. Period of Imitation 1910 19253. UH National Foreign specific topics Curriculum Development Needs Analysis and Syllabus Design. Corazon Pura amp Mrs. ISBN 9780205779390 Uncle Tom 39 s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. In a report published by 1 called Business English Index BEI Philippines was tagged as the world s best country in business English proficiency in not just one but two consecutive years. org 301 636 8000 ext. San Miguel Beer and pulutan. Let us take the following time frames for purpose of discussion 1. Arguilla Manuel. literature review on effectiveness of the use of social media a report for peel public health rebecca schein phd 1 kumanan wilson msc md frcs 2 and jennifer keelan phd 3 1 assistant professor carleton university ottawa ontario canada 2 crc public health policy university of ottawa ottawa ontario canada. pdf Syllabus courtesy of Heidi NickisherIntroduction to PhilosophyPHIL 101 . Garcia Carlito D. Sep 14 2020 Options have included Literature and revolution Postcolonial literature Writing lives Old Norse Tragedy and Film criticism. More details. Mata Philippine Contemporary Literature in English Tradition and Change From the 20s to the Present with its bleak Syllabus. We will continue to include an interesting range of literature from around the world. It covers Philippine literature from the pre Hispanic to the what it refers to as quot Literature after EDSA 1986 1995 . Japanese Period. Special Topics in Asian American Literature Philippine Literature in English. blogspot. English 775. Beowulf traditional B. V. Bautista amp K. The Philippine Technical Vocational Education and Training TVET System DR. Sold products are packed and available for courier pickup and consolidation within twenty four 24 hours after the order has been processed and approved. Introduction to World Literature Week 2 3 II. Readings usually include works by such authors as Nathaniel Hawthorne Henry David Thoreau Frederick Douglass Emily Dickinson and Toni Morrison. It also expands nbsp 1. Filipinos often lose sight of the fact that the first period of the Philippine literary history is the longest. Navales Subject Teacher Approved Dr. g Colonialism waned in the 1940s through 60s amidst decolonization movements yet globalization flourished in often unnoticed hegemonic pathways. Founded in 1910 as the Department of English it Pre Colonial Philippines D. across 7 11 Grocery Store Handouts Filipino novels in English as chosen by students available at the Asia Collection Hamilton Library Schedule of Readings Activities This is a good reference to use in a Philippine literature course. A Brief History of Philippine Literature in English Nov 30 2011 University of Santo Tomas COURSE SYLLABUS FOR SCHOOL YEAR 2011 2012 Course Title Philippine Literatures Semester Second Course Number Lit 102 A Prerequisite None Course Facilitator Ms. and Mata V. Pre Hispanic Philippine literature were actually epics passed on from generation to generation originally through oral tradition. and the Science Education Institute of the Department of Science and Technology present the Mathematics Framework for Philippine Basic Education. II. and the Science Education Institute of the Department of Science and Technology present this Framework for Philippine Mathematics Teacher Education. Latin American ArtARTH 561 681 . The Philippines is a main player in the international women s arena and this is anchored on a very vibrant local women s movement. The Period of Imitation 1910 1925 3. Philippine literature and the nation 1946 1980 48 93. 2010 2011 Course Code LIT 1 Course Title Philippine Literature 21st CENTURY LITERATURE FROM THE PHILIPPINES AND THE WORLD GENERAL DESCRIPTION This course aims to engage students in appreciation and critical study of 21 st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World encompassing various dimensions genres elements structures contexts and traditions. Value nbsp 4 Feb 2019 PDF Philippine Studies is an interdisciplinary study of the pattern in complet ing a syllabus making the literary courses Philippine. L. Edgardo Reyes Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag 1966 for instance is a critique of urban blight and Edilberto K. IP 363 Readings in Contemporary Philippine Literature in English compiled by Dr. Further details will be handed out in class. Music b. Dance c. doc PDF File . The least we could do is take care of it and be proud of what we have. Concept of Literature 1. Creative Adaptation of a Short Story with Multimedia ICT Skills Application 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World Activity Sheets K to 12 Senior High School Core Curriculum 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World Curriculum Guide DLP IN 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World Detailed Lesson Plan in 21ST Century Literature of the survey of philippine literature english 211 English 211 is designed to provide the students an outline of Philippine Literature from the beginning up to the present time. The Philippine novel whether written in English or any of the native languages has remained social realist. 6 Course Title Special Topics in Philippine Studies Philippine Music and Culture No. Instructor Prof. Kahayon and Zulueta Philippine Literature Through 1. Texts of Philippine literature are marked by a desire for movement and mobility moving away of epic heroes to fight battles tricksters in folktales outdoing the powerful return of the male hero in Rizal 39 s novels to the homeland and their nostalgia for the ideals of European liberalism diasporic literature 39 s melancholia including Filipino American novels for the mother nation among It tells about what these two people think of each other and their relationship with one another. Philippine literature course topics. Conclude with your overall assessment of Rizal s annotations. Today this corpus is the third largest in the whole corpus of Philippine literature Philippine Literature in Filipino being the first followed by The separate yet parallel developments of Philippine literature in English and those in Tagalog and other languages of the archipelago during the American period only prove that literature and writing in whatever language and in whatever climate are able to survive mainly through the active imagination of writers. Numerous organizations and NGOs exist for the cause of gender equality and other related women issues. In terms of Self Review it is important to carefully plan your review schedules. If you look closely you can see a person up in the turret around the torch this person will be our class mascot our guide through the complex world of post Civil War American literature. 21stCentury literature from the region where the school is based in relation to the literature of other regions in various genres and forms K to 12 Senior High School Core Curriculum 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World Curriculum Guide Literature develops in the students sensitivity to language and to literary etaftsrnansbip. Logistics. Literary and Cultural Studies quot regardless of the type of HEI they graduate from. In 2004 she also received the TOWNS Ten Outstanding Women in the Nation 39 s Service Award and in 2016 the Balagtas Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature Notes on Philippine Literature A History and Anthology Chapter 1 Oral Lore From Pre colonial Times 1564 Facts and Information illuminated by the chapter 1. Bolton Eds. Appreciate the value of multicultural and international children 39 s literature in developing an determine whether this online course requires proctored exams by carefully reviewing this syllabus. Villaflores Course Requirements and Activities 1. Philippine literature is literature associated with the Philippines from prehistory through its colonial legacies and on to the present. Greek and Literature European Languages Filipino and Philippine Literature and Speech Communication and Theatre Arts form the academic core of the College as it exists today. Section 3 of the syllabus lists the set texts for examination in 2022 2023 and 2024. Comment I think we just don t have the whole collection of it because most of it were not Philippine literature not just in books but in a form of songs not just songs but ethnic songs that talks about the environment 39 39 Examples Of Early Philippine Literature Free Essays April 30th 2018 philippine literature have maintained their links with the culture of their non Islamic or non Christian ancestors According Nov 20 2008 This particular site only shows format for the Philippine Literature Syllabus. Philippine literature in English came to a halt writers in English turned to write in Filipino Teaching English Through Literature Murat Hi mano lu Abstract This paper aims at emphasizing the use of literature as a popular technique for teaching both basic language skills i. Art Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Arts and Letters Department of Humanities Sta. The other Philippine history textbook the American period to the present book 2. Resiliency. Download full text PDF. Feb 20 2015 The Philippines is a country that has varied cultural influences. The Modern Period 1960 1974 4. Our written literature which is about four hundred years old is one of slow and evolutionary growth. In this work San Juan challenges the validity and usefulness of Establishment paradigms in these times of es calating crises and tensions in Philippine society. The existing literature of the Philippine ethnic groups at the time of conquest and conversion into Christianity was mainly oral consisting of epics legends songs riddles and proverbs. Mesa Manila COURSE OUTLINE IN LITE 1013 PHILIPPINE LITERATURE IN ENGLISH First Semester AY 2013 2014 Course Description This is a three hour per week course which surveys short stories poetry essay drama and other literary works in English by Filipino authors from the pre historic to Education 2003 has specified that the syllabus in the literature component is made up of aims objectives and learning outcomes of the course. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is a survey of American Literature from the early Puritan period through the Civil War. Mar 06 2018 The Philippine National Development Plan is quite outspoken on this subject and notes that while the number of higher education institutions HEIs in the Philippines is ten times more than its neighboring countries the Philippines lackluster performance in producing innovators researchers 81 researchers per million population Feb 26 2016 Precolonial Period. Susan Stewart Office Location HL 314 Office Hours Saturday as needed during breaks before and after class. LIT 127. Course Description The content of this course stresses on the historical transition of Philippine Literature through representative compositions of different genres short stories poetry plays and essays for literary absorption both for appreciation and for interpretative analysis to develop interest in the value of nationality in literature. Philippine English Linguistic and literary perspectives. Cornell University. ELE134. This can best be appreciated in the context of the country s pre colonial cultural traditions and the socio political histories of its colonial and contemporary traditions. East Kamias Quezon City Philippines 1102 632 426 5611 426 1274 THE PHILIPPINES Historical Overview Center for Philip 39 pines Studies School ofHawaiian Asian and Pacific Studies University ofHawai 39 i byJulie Shackford EditedbyBelinda A. Through close examination of texts discussion of those texts with the instructor and fellow classmates and frequent writing assignments you will be asked to exercise critical judgment. COURSE SYLLABUS COURSE CODE LITT1 COURSE TITLE PHILIPPINE LITERATURE COURSE UNITS 3 UNITS COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to develop student s sense of awareness and responsibilities toward their country and to the world as a whole. THE REQUIREMENTS GRADING Please refer to the syllabus. This is the Literature Section 39 s policy on plagiarism Plagiarism use of another 39 s intellectual work without acknowledgement is a serious offense. Remarkably soon after the occupation of the Philippines by the United States in 1898 it was spoken based on the census of 1918 by an educated elite of 896 358 out of 10. Marikina Polytechnic College offers ENG 211 Survey of Philippine Literature as minor subject for Second Year college students. K. Philippines. Its roots can be traced from the ancient cultures of Asia Southeast Asia and Polynesia. These syllabi provided by RIT faculty are real world examples of syllabi that are learner centered and combine teaching philosophy with logistical information. Department of Languages and Literature Course Syllabus for Lit 3 Philippine Literary History Course Description Study of the literary types evolved and representative selections written during the pre Hispanic Spanish the Propaganda and Contemporary period. 5980 University Email Address mcouzelis leomail. Contemporary 1970 Present Pre colonial Times. King Pedroso Ph. Multicultural Study each student will explore a piece of multicultural literature not seen on the syllabus and write a literary journal styled article look up a nbsp incorporating literature into the English Language syllabus is to improve students 39 language ability. Fishing 4. A literature course is in effect a critical reading course. Mesa Manila COURSE OUTLINE IN LITE 1013 PHILIPPINE LITERATURE IN ENGLISH Second Semester AY 2014 2015 Course Description This is a three hour per week course which surveys short stories poetry essays dramas and novels in English by Filipino quot e Philippine Council of Mathematics Teachers Educators MATHTED Inc. Literature for Children and Adolescents. Milt Johnston Email mdjohnston usf. This course is created to provide the students an outline of Philippine Literature from the beginning up to the present time. The Philippines became the 112th Contracting State of the PCT when it deposited its instrument of ratification at WIPO on May 17 2001. Interpret literary works in the context of socio nbsp 7 Nov 2014 Philippine Literature Syllabus. Grade 7 Teachers. Livestock 3. doc . 10th ed. ORGANIZATION OF THE SYLLABUS The syllabus is structured to cover the last three 3 years of Senior High School. Philippine folklore is a treasure trove of strange mythical creatures that have stood the test of time. fldoe. Gonz lez Day 1996 The Asian Catholic Publishers Award 1993 The Filipino Community of California Proclamation quot honoring N. Here we are giving you an overview of the syllabi for BA in English Literature. Flipping Philippines should be the next awesome name for Philippines and culture I had a lecture to write and speech in front of hundreds and fifty hundreds of students facilities and worker. Abad Anthology of Philippine Literature. COURSE CODE Lit101 Philippine Literature DESCRIPTION This course introduces college students to the major genres of Philippine literature across various nbsp 7 Jul 2015 Republic of the Philippines CARLOS HILADO MEMORIAL STATE 1 Course Number Introduction to Literature with Philippine Literature nbsp Quarter I 21st Century Philippine Literature from the. Survey of Philippine Literature in English for. Course Description This course deals with the study of the literatures of the Philippines which are reflective of the images of women from the past to the present and seen through the eyes of selected men and women writers from the different regions. Philippine Literature changed during the Spanish Period. Syllabus in Afro Asian Literature Updated June Keywords Literature Teaching strategies Focus Group Discussion AB English University of Mindanao Davao City Philippines Discover the world 39 s research 17 million members Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Arts and Letters Department of Humanities Sta. Conclusion Thank you This is one of the country 39 s treasures pride and glory. European legends and traditions brought here became assimilated in our songs corridos and moro moros. Download full text PDF Read full text. Sinasalamin ng mga katagang ito ang diwa ng pagiging tunay na Pilipino. 11 Jan 2011 Syllabus Philippine Literature Free download as Word Doc . ELE132. Vol. Distribution of course syllabus C. It is full of legends and tales of colonial legacy. Dimalanta and Mata Philippine Contemporary Literature in English Tradition and Change from the 20 s to the Present . Literature 4. Philippine government and constitution. No national literature has ever grown up in isolation from the cultures around it from the earliest periods great works of literature have probed the tensions conflicts and Terms offered Fall 2016 Spring 2014 Fall 2012 This course examines the impact of the history of literacy and literature upon the ways in which perceptions and roles of women are constructed and reinforced in a developing non Western society. Short story telling also became popular and as romantic movie traditions intersected with Philippine culture so did romantic novels. ICT must be used and taught in powerful and meaningful ways. Mar 25 2020 This meant some American literary influences had an impact on Philippine literature including the introduction of free verse poetry. Visual Arts e. The syllabus should specify the purpose of the class works to be read assignments and other assessments. The Early Period 1900 1930 2. The first period of Philippine literary history is the longest. Ang kampanilya ni Pining laging mapula sa tingin. M. Jun 15 2009 I. They will be introduced over the course of the program to literature from across the globe in order to develop competence in the analysis of literary texts writing of critical essays and evaluation of different literary traditions and orientations. This is in part due to the timelessness of the human condition. Culture 1. A syllabus in Philippine Literature Revised OBE PHILIPPINE AMERICAN LITERATURE ENGL 256. Republic of the Philippines CARLOS HILADO MEMORIAL STATE COLLEGE Talisay City Negros Occidental OUTCOMES BASED COURSE SYLLABUS In Lit. Overview of this literature review In section 1 common educational objectives across national and international educational systems are reviewed. 2 Course Title THIRD WORLD LITERATURE II No. Baytan Ronald ed. Most of these influences are results of previous colonization deriving mainly from the culture of Spain and the United States. Sep 24 2012 Philippine Literature is a diverse and rich group of works that has evolved side by side with the country s history. INTRODUCTION. pdf . com Academia. The findings confirm that a professor acquainted with the theoretical bases for syllabus design would be more successful in knowing what how when where and to what extent he she should pose for his classes in order to The book is anchored on the curriculum guide provided by the Department of Education for the Grade 11 subject 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World which aims to engage students in appreciation and critical study of literature encompassing their various dimensions genres elements structures contexts and traditions. ALL WRITINGS SHOULD BE COMPILED IN A PORTFOLIO CONTINGENCY Extra Credit K to 12 Senior High School Core Curriculum 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World December 2013 Page 1 of 9 Grade 11 12 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World General Description This course aims to engage students in appreciation and critical study of 21st Century May 03 2015 The largest names in 20th century Philippine literature wrote in English namely Nick Joaquin F. Background and Context of Philippine Literatures 1. Theoretical Approaches to Literature 3. For this purpose we can divide this period into three time frames namely 1. 314 Course Title English Language Arts 12 Textbooks The Language of Literature World Literature and the Language of Literature British Literature Materials A three ring binder with five dividers and paper. The diversity and richness of Philippine literature evolved side by side with the country 39 s history. By 1901 public education was institutionalized in the Philippines with English serving as the medium of instruction. Philippine literature A tertiary textbook for literature 1 under the new curriculum. 1. Declaration of Major PDF Declaring Multiple Majors PDF Filipino Course Sample PDF ENG 305 Children s Literature COURSE SYLLABUS Spring 2013 Instructor Mary Couzelis Office Location HL 126 Office Hours MWF 10am 11am and 1pm 2pm and by appt. Colonial education and the shaping of Philippine literature in English. Philippine literature is the literature associated with the Philippines and includes the legends of prehistory and the colonial legacy of the Philippines. Sionil Jose Jose Garcia Villa and others. Teachers and HODs were a ware of the ch ange in syllabus to include local literature though only . It should show you the areas that you need to study more on. Discussions of how this could be achieved are endless but this framework nbsp Modern Poetry Contemporary Drama Gender and Genre courses courses in Literary Theory and Criticism. pdf. Philippine Science High School. 0 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE CONDUCTED IN INDIA Review of the related literature conducted in India broadly categorized in to two categories. Donna Barnes Cell Phone 6662 E mail donnabme yahoo. Philippine literature is one the most hated subject of SHS and college students. M 1. 6. We meet the expense of syllabus for english ii world literature longleafschool and numerous ebook collections from fictions to scientific research in any way. Click the PDF links below to view the complete nbsp ST. quot Unlike the previous editions however this collection presents only the English translations of Philippine writing in the local and Spanish languages. Mining 5. Luis Francia e mail lfrancia hunter. Instructor 858 735Dr. When everyone became a hero and changed Philippine history overnight. Love lost coming of age overcoming obstacles civil rights identity and more are all at the core of the greatest of literary works. Spanish Influences On Philippine Literature The first Filipino alphabet called ALIBATA was replaced by the Roman alphabet. Philippine Mythology Folklore and Urban legends III. INTRODUCTION a. Course Title Writing in the Discipline II. CHM 4060 Syllabus Uses of Chemical Literature Instructor Prof. Find more lesson plans like this The Contemporary Period in American Literature Time Frames of Philippine Literature in English Different opinions prevail regarding the stages that mark the development of Philippine literature in English. Dec 21 2014 Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Arts and Letters Department of Philosophy and Humanities Sta. Below are some documents and forms to help you on your journey in getting a B. Theater d. edu COURSE INFORMATION The Literary Forms in Philippine Literature. 1999 . Sep 07 2019 Through the open window the air steeped outdoors passed into his room quietly enveloping him stealing into his very thought. The goal of mathematics education in the Philippines is mathematical empowerment. This is the Fall 2017 full course syllabus for LIT 2000 Introduction to Literature to be taught at Florida SouthWestern State College. Imaging the Filipino Man 1. The period of the New Society started on September 21 1972. 2008 . Nov 30 2010 course title survey of philippine literature COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to develop among students an awareness and appreciation of the depth and breadth of our country s literatures in order to foster among them the desire for truth love for country and nature which will eventually constitute a competent compassionate and Jul 07 2015 Obe syllabus in lit. These will encourage disciplinary commitment and prepare them for national and international career outcomes and life long learning. UST Publishing House 2004. Get the useful and relevant study stuff such as Syllabus Study Material PDF Notes Books Sample Question papers etc. This course studies the national literature of the United States since the early 19th century. Studying literature at Oxford involves the development of sophisticated reading skills and of an ability to place literary texts in their wider intellectual and historical contexts. Mesa Manila COURSE OUTLINE IN LITE 1013 PHILIPPINE LITERATURE IN ENGLISH First Semester AY 2013 2014 Course Description This is a three hour per week course which surveys short stories poetry essay drama and other literary works in English by Filipino authors from the pre historic to Philippine literature reflects a diverse group of works which are mostly grounded on traditional folktales socio political histories and real life experiences. Hence Philippine literature and folklore mirror the values hopes and aspirations of the Filipino people. If you are planning to take more than one degree please look at the instructions and form in the quot Declaring Multiple Majors PDF quot link. 5. Prelim Period Weeks 1 6 Introduction to Literature and Literary Genres Meaning of literature Importance of the study of literature Standards of good literature Literary Standard Literary Approaches Divisions of literature Literary Genres. pdf. Comparative Literature at the University of Connecticut and author of numerous books the latest of which is Only By Struggle Literature and Revolution in the Philippines. COURSE SYLLABUS COURSE NUMBER AML 3041 former course number AML 3122 COURSE TITLE American Literature II DEPARTMENT English REQUIRED TEXT The Norton Anthology of American Literature Shorter Seventh Edition COLLEGE Arts and Sciences FACULTY NAME N. Course Code Title PHILIPPINE LITERATURE IN ENGLISH. org asp ftce pdf 53PreK 3. Instructor Kasey Swiers. Godinez Ortega The diversity and richness of Philippine literature evolved side by side with the country 39 s history. The United States exercised formal colonial rule over the Philippines its largest overseas colony between 1899 and 1946. Literature for Children and Adolescents . com by Christine F. The educational system of the Philippines has been greatly influenced by events in the past thus resulting in the different challenges and problems in the present. Marife G. STANDARD COURSE SYLLABUS. Quezon City University of the Philippines Press. Introduction to Literature A. Jul 09 2013 Syllabus in Philippine Literature COURSE SYLLABUS. mn. It also expands their experiential and intellectual horizons that deve op knowledge values skills and intercultural competence. We hope that this document will be used widely wisely and purposefully. An examination of the course syllabus used for this class was likewise conjunctions Philippine Literature writing of the various kinds of essays like expository nbsp Download amp View 319789124 21st Century Literature From The Philippines And The World Syllabus as PDF for free. It also explores a range of assessment principles and techniques based on some models of testing and evaluation which recognize the impact of the assessment context on student performance. Esperanza Julia the sorry mess he had made of life the years to come even now beginning to weigh down to crush they lost concreteness diffused into formless melancholy. Syllabus and class orientation Week 1 The Philippines as a unique nation Week 2 The Philippine territory and its people Week 3 Pre Colonial Philippines Week 4 5 The Spanish Era Week 6 7 Revolts and struggles for freedom Week 8 Mid Term Week 9 Film Showing Week 10 11 The Philippine Revolution Week 12 The birth of a Sep 26 2020 Crack UGC NET English Literature 2020 Exam with the help of Highly Useful Tips amp Success Hacks by Experts. Hong Kong Hong Kong University Press. Comparative Literature stresses the use of Philippine and Southeast Asian Cultures as matrix for comparative studies in literary theory gender studies etc. Grajo Instructor Luisa L. The 2002 BEC is not a sweeping change but a restructuring of the 1983 New Elementary School Curriculum NESC and the 1989 New Secondary Education Curriculum NSEC . This can best be appreciated in the context of the country 39 s pre colonial cultural traditions and the socio political histories of its colonial and contemporary traditions. is the chef d oeuvre of Milton s early poetry and one of the greatest lyrics in the language. Aug 26 2018 Mar 09 2019 Last Updated on 03 09 2019 by FilipiKnow. If you want for example to make use of the first three weeks on reviewing General Education English Math Science Filipino and Social Studies then it is definitely okay. The Middle Period 1930 1960 3. EDUC 519 Syllabus. The story is somewhat complex in the structural aspect because the story features constant change in perspective meaning it changes to the point of view of mike to the side of benjie and vice versa. com Course Description This course introduces the students to the oral and printed literatures of the K to 12 Senior High School Core Curriculum Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions December 2013 Page 2 of 4 CONTENT CONTENT STANDARD PERFORMANCE STANDARD LEARNING COMPETENCIES CODE a. 41. 3 million people in the islands undoubtedly with various levels of competence. This course covers the different literary texts from various regions of the Philippines. In M. Course Description This course is principally intended to develop the composition skills of students in English language. Be able to evaluate the quality of literary works by comparing them to the recognized best in that genre. Vistro Yu Ed. The Department of English and Comparative Literature DECL is the oldest department of CAL. STRUCTURE OF THE SYLLABUS The Literatures in English syllabus comprises two Units each containing three Modules corresponding to the The diversity and richness of Philippine literature evolved side by side with the country s history. MAJOR FIELD TEST IN LITERATURE IN ENGLISH SAMPLE QUESTIONS Directions Each of the questions or incomplete statements below is followed by five suggested answers or completions. AUGUSTO BOBOY SYJUCO Secretary and Director General Technical Education and Skills Development Authority TESDA boboysyjuco tesda. Mar 08 2016 Summary of Pre colonial period of Philippine Literature Filipinos often lose sight of the fact that the first period of the Philippine literary history is the longest. The one whos posted this did not include the samples for each genre because those are not for public viewing. University of the Philippines College of Education Curriculum Studies armbon yahoo. Genres of literature B. the pre colonial period of Philippine literature is considered the longest in the country s history Literature in this period is based on tradition reflecting daily life activities such as housework farming fishing hunting and taking care of the children as well Oral pieces told stories which explained heroes and their adventures they attempted to explain Philippine Literature Another one BAYAN KO was published by Project 28 Days LTD. pdf Free download as PDF File . Lampton scott was a proposal friends often with several years hindi pdf Be exploring the coast mathematics department of literature 3 syllabi in regular nbsp 200295 EL113 SURVEY OF PHILIPPINE LITERATURE IN ENGLISH 3 200302 EL106 TEACHING AND ASSESSMENT OF LITERATURE STUDIES 3 nbsp CPE105. e. The American language has manifested a unique destiny in the Philippines. Sagot Apat na magkakapatid sabay sabay ng sumisid. Jan 03 2017 Filipino writers went into all forms of literature like news reporting poetry stories plays essays and novels writings clearly depicted their love of country and their longings for independence. RITAS COLLEGE OF BALINGASAGBALINGASAG MISAMIS ORIENTAL A COURSE SYLLABUS INLITT1 PHILIPPINE LITERATURE PREPARED BY LEO nbsp UH Filipino and Philippine Literature Program. ithmlit102. Dimalanta and Virginia M. According to Lumbera popular culture in the Philippines was created and used by the Spaniards to the native Filipinos or Indios via plays and literature to get the heart of the natives and win it. Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature An Anthology of Winning Works The 1980s Poetry. . 8725 Office Fax 903 886. So sit relaxed and take your time and good luck Apr 09 2020 The Philippines scored 35 out of 100 and the evaluators noted that any country with a score below 50 had a serious corruption problem according to The Philippine Star. One of the hallmark characteristics of classic literature is that it endures. Be aware of significant themes in American Literature. American Literature Syllabus Resource amp Lesson Plans. The conquistador especially its ecclesiastical arm destroyed whatever written literature he could find and hence rendered the system of writing e. Preview nbsp Creative writing syllabus in the philippines Any Complexity Only for our ustomers. Also the teaching of the Christian Doctrine became the basis of religious practices. Rather than rely on secondary material such as textbooks which is the usual approach in teaching Philippine history different types of primary sources will be used written qualitative and quantitative oral visual audio visual digital covering various aspects of Philippines life political economic social cultural . Based on the BEI Report in 2012 only the Philippines attained a score above 7. Tiempo s To Be Free is a historical probe of the western idea of freedom in the context of indigenous Philippine culture. Read full text. C. Architecture Design and Allied Arts 2. Bascara Linda R. edu A note on LIT001 PHILIPPINE LITERATURE THE CONVERSION Page 1 THE CONVERSION By J. Literature courses according to the essayist s experience and some scholars research results. May 01 2005 Compiled by high profile writers Ophelia A. COURSE TITLE English 2223 American Literature I . SYLLABUS IN 21 ST CENTURY LITERATURE FROM THE PHILIPPINES AND THE WORLD GRADE 11 COURSE DESCRIPTION The learner engages in the appreciation and critical study of 21 st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World encompassing their various dimensions genres elements structures contexts and traditions. NORTHWEST MISSISSIPPI COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Location Room 243. Course Description This course is intended to introduce students to the wealth of children s literature currently available and to provide ideas for using that literature in the classroom. http www. com Abstract Integrating Information and Communication Technology or ICT into teaching and learning has become a great concern for many educators in developing countries like the Philippines. Gonz lez for seventy eight years of A two page syllabus for American Literature that is structured and styled like the Constitution of the United States. Philippine Literature in English In a way we can say that we can trace the beginnings of Philippine literature in English with the coming of the Americans. Forces of assimilation have constantly worked to overcome cultural differences between the various ethnic groups that are scattered sometimes in relative isolation throughout the Philippine literature in English has its roots in the efforts of the United States then engaged in a war with Filipino nationalist forces at the end of the 19th century. In celebration of the centennial founding of the University of Hawaii at Manoa the Filipino and Philippine Literature Program a component of the Department of Hawaiian and Indo Pacific Languages and Literatures presents a three day literary festival to showcase Southeast Asian and Filipino literature on April 11 13 2007. Pre This syllabus is tentative and may be changed to accommodate student needs. Saint Matthew 39 s Publishing Corporation 4th Level First RVC Building 92 Anonas Street Corner K 6th Street Brgy. cuny. to acquire those all. Amanda Solomon. 2. Textbook s Anthology of American Literature. Jun 20 2008 2. of Units 3 Course Description The course is a general survey of Philippine music from the native tribal and ethnic The study of Literature In English requires basic ability to read understand and appreciate any written material. 3. It encourages the study of works in the original language and simultaneously promotes translation as an access to other cultures. ManyBooks is another free eBook website that scours the View CHM4060 Syllabus F20. Lumbering and Shipbuilding 6. Languages 2. 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World is one of the core subjects of the senior high school curriculum. 2. Mabanglo available at Professional Image King St. III. Course Name PHILIPPINE LITERATURE. 3 0. Anvil Pub. Throughout my research I discovered that there are many Course Syllabus Teacher Mrs. Apr 27 2020 This is a sample Philippine Literature OBE syllabus. Following military rule in the 1960s the contemporary period emerged. This further enriched by Spanish and American influences that later evolved a literary culture that affected the language subject and style of COURSE SYLLABUS Lit. Follow. Class activity Group 2 presentation and class discussion. Trade E. Elmer Online Designed as electronic learning supplement and interactive board between and among the author and the students of language literature philosophy logic and other disciplines. philippine literature part 1. Film and Broadcast Arts g. General Objective Literature. Write a critique paper on a Filipino novel epic or drama. in Philippine Language and Culture. Such books have since promoted Filipino cultural values told daily struggles of locals and have instilled a remarkable lesson or two. A process of reviewing the curriculum of Philippine basic education started in 1997 which took into consideration both worldwide trends and Philippine realities. It is an archipelago consisting of some 7 100 islands and islets lying about 500 miles 800 km off the coast of Vietnam. Manila De La Salle University Press. During the 20th century it was used as a derogatory term for gay people who were believed to engage in sex with the same gender. pdf Text File . Philippine literature and the development of Philippine culture. 1 Course Number Introduction to Literature with Philippine Literature Descriptive Title First Semester Academic Year 2015 2016 Semester Academic Year Prepared by Ms. The Philippines is recognized globally as one of the largest English speaking nations with majority of its population having at least some degree of fluency in the language. These can be done by exploring the issues portrayed in the literary Jul 09 2013 B. 2000. 1 bse 1. 40. Dimalanta Ophelia A. The Development of Philippine Literatures from Pre colonial Times to the Present Times 2. D. of Units 3 Course Description This course is a survey course of African Asian and Latin American literature from the 1800s to the present. People Power at EDSA. quot Isa pa nga quot and the Philippines 39 most popular world renowned beer goes well with peanuts corniks tapa chicharon usa barbecue sisig and all manner of spicy crunchy and cholesterol rich chasers. Poetry Deconstruction II. Approaches to learning Literature review 2 Some of the sources were obtained through the snowballing method by checking the references lists of the existing sources. along with them is this syllabus for english ii world literature longleafschool that can be your partner. We need to study the Philippine literature because by this we can preserve the literature we have today. edu Of Philippine Literature in English and Time Frames It can be said that Philippine literature in English has achieved a stature that is in a way phenomenal since the inception of English in our culture. Pearson. ____ 2. Saturday December 7 2013. 11 Philippine Literature. The colonial origins of popular culture found in the Philippines can be traced by looking at salient developments in Philippine literature. Syllabus in Philippine Literature 13 14. Walang naninira sa Generic Course Syllabus for 2nd Semester School Year 2012 2013 Department ENGLISH School SOH Course No. Course Title Philippine Literature. Our writers strove to This is the prescribed syllabus by the Commission on Higher education CHED Philippines for the New Curriculum of Gen Education. Corruption in the Philippines is rampant among government officials and high level government employees from the executive legislative and judicial branches are often common The AB Literature Program is designed for students who seek a profound and scholarly appreciation of literature written in the English Language. Literature had started with fables and legends made by the ancient Filipinos long before the arrival of Spanish influence. P. Lit Matters A Manual for Teaching Literature. Literature f. Martin I. Jan 31 2020 Literature is a term used to describe written and sometimes spoken material. Jeanette P. Course Description This course is intended to introduce students to the wealth of children 39 s nbsp Emphasis is placed on the sensitive and informed reading of books in a variety of genres as well as the general and genre specific issues in children 39 s literature. 3 Upon the ratification of the WIPO administered treaty on patents the Philippine Government established an Intellectual Property Office IPO literature is the disappearance of many texts over the millennia either intentionally by accident or by the total vanishing of the originating culture. We 39 ll review your answers and create a Test Prep Plan for you based on Background of Philippine Literature. Regions. Understand how the Filipino is constituted in Philippine literary texts. k12. Williams Keisha. Jay Jay Jun 14 2020 Readings in the Philippine History Syllabus exposes students to different facets of the Philippine history through the lens of eyewitnesses. Manila is the capital but nearby Quezon City is the country s most populous city. What is it about the Philippines that makes it different from the rest of the world Well for one thing it is all about their culture. The purpose of this blog is just to give an idea of what supposed to be the content for the lecture in the Philippine literature The hand and torch on the cover of this syllabus belong to the Statue of Liberty as exhibited in the 1876 World s Fair in Philadelphia. British literature A. Nov 28 2010 Updated Course Syllabus and Classroom Policies Semester 2 AY 2010 2011 LIT102 Course Syllabus and Classroom Policies Philippine Literature Instructor Timothy Sanchez Official website www. Course Description The content of this nbsp 14 Jul 2013 Please click the link below to generate the PDF copy of the Syllabus. Syllabus for 2018 edition of DH285 Introduction to Digital Humanities taught at michiganstateuniversity_introdigitalhumanities_dh285_fall2018_mapes. In it Our faculty in contemporary literature and culture are an appropriately diverse group. This is entitled The Contemporary World It will be my first time teaching and I will be teaching Philippine Literature. Second Semester School Year 2013 2014 . pdf Syllabus courtesy of Katie Terezakis If you would like to share your syllabus please contact Michael Orders received by 2 00 pm Philippine time are processed on the same day while orders received after 2 00 pm are processed on the next WORKING day. 2014. Research interests Philippine poetry in English and Filipino global modernist avant garde poetry the politics of aesthetics creative writing studies political economies of creative writing the Philippine essay in English and Filipino zines and small press DIY independent publishing amp Lumbera C. Period of Self Discovery 1925 1941 4. System of Writing 3. To purchase less than the required components of a course is your sole responsibility Philippines Philippines Cultural life Philippine society is a unique blend of diversity and homogeneity. ENGLISH 2223 AMERICAN LITERATURE I . ELE133. This visual syllabus aligns with the course content in order to reinforce the American history focus of the course and serve as a springboard for a later lesson when students enter a Malaking supot ni Mang Jacob kung sisidlan ay pataob. 50 01 ASIAN 220. Mythology and Folklore for Grade 10 Teachers. Gomez alterluisa gmail. This puts the gender equality issues at the forefront of national discourse and precludes Sep 07 2019 Through the open window the air steeped outdoors passed into his room quietly enveloping him stealing into his very thought. American economic and strategic interests in Asia and the Pacific were increasing in the late 1890s in the wake of an industrial depression and in the face of global interimperial compet Aug 26 2018 Philippine Literature Sampler 4 Beautiful Short Stories Plus 1 Amusing Essay Patricia Mirasol. If stabilized and well carried out curricula are present in the whole country with the full backing of the government this might lessen the Philippine Literature Plot Rearrangement Quiz. Balarbar et al. tamuc. Weaving 7. Despite all of these influences the old Asian culture of Filipinos has been retained and are clearly seen in their way of life beliefs and customs. Various forms of electronic literature including hypertext interactive fiction animated poetry and even SMS text message fiction have grown yet still exist within a small niche. This Philippines article wrote and helped my paper more than any other website and is the best for great information about Philippines and GO Filipino C. The syllabus is aimed to develop in students the ability to read understand and respond to literary texts. in June 1986 in Kowloon Hong Kong and co published in the Philippines by Veritas amp ndash A free PowerPoint PPT presentation displayed as a Flash slide show on PowerShow. 06 01 FALL 2010 SYLLABUS Prof. pdf from CHM 4060 at University of South Florida Tampa. shelved 1 time as philippine literature in english avg rating 4. vocabulary grammar and pronunciation in our times. You are free to modify this according to your need. Carlos Palanca Foundation Inc. Here are 11 things you should know about Filipino culture that sets them apart from any other nation on the planet. Be able to show how contemporary literary forms have evolved from past forms. Literature includes both written and spoken material. Initially review of the literature in science are done then general subject with technology regarding computer and instruction are made. English has always been one of the official languages of the Philippines and is spoken by more than 14 million Filipinos. Prerequisite Philippine Literature 1 st Semester SY 2012 20123 Thelma V. Music and Dance 5. Course Description Study and appreciation of the literature of the region nbsp oral messages speeches sermons readings poetry and short stories. by Christine F. Here are the books worth your time. 1998 . This syllabus lets students to analyze the selected readings contextually and in terms of content. Pre Colonial Philippines D. The prerequisite for this course is English 101 English Literature Final Exam Take this practice test to check your existing knowledge of the course material. Office Phone 903 468. Sample Syllabus in Philippine Literature Revised OBE Free download as Word Doc . Words 457 Pages 4. quot ENPL 211 PHILIPPINE LITERATURE 3 Units This course deals with the study of nbsp 30 Nov 2010 Understand how the Filipino is constituted in Philippine literary texts. It is the policy of the Literature Faculty that students who plagiarize will receive an F in the subject and that the instructor will forward the case to the Committee on Discipline. Jul 28 2020 This is a comprehensive practice exam for a Philippine History book. Value cultural differences and similarities embodied in Philippine Literary outpourings. Manila Rex Book Store. Nagsisilbi rin ang mga ito bilang muhon sa mga adhikain ng Programang Pilipino at Kultura ng Pilipinas sa Unibersidad ng Hawai i Manoa. This literature course explores how great writers refract their world and how their works are transformed when they intervene in our global cultural landscape today. Pre Hispanic Philippine literature was actually epics passed on from generation to generation originally through an oral tradition. Literature in Education in the Malaysian schools syllabus consists of the teaching of prose which e_LiteratureComponent_In_English. 4. Quezon City National Book Store 1978 OCoLC 561561755 Aug 08 2020 She has won fourteen national literary awards and for her contributions to literature was among the 100 women chosen as Weavers of History for the Philippine Centennial Celebration. 42. Pasig City Anvil Publishing Inc. It was centered on Christian faith. The Period of Re orientation 1898 19102. Class Time M W 5 6 20 WLH 2114. The earliest forms of English literature like the earliest forms of other national literatures have perished. 8. Considering cultural products of this moment leads us to ask what happens in the age of globalization that follows after an age of nationalism. Jul 24 2018 The music composed in the urban regions of the Philippines particularly targeted to the youth is known as original pinoy music or Philippine pop music. us. Popular musicians from this genre include Christian Bautista Sarah Geronimo Yeng Constantino and groups such as True Faith Yano The Teeth and Neocolours among others. The Period of Re orientation 1898 1910 2. I am having difficulty arranging syllabus for my class even though I have already taken this up in college. Generic Course Syllabus for 2nd Semester School Year 2012 2013 Department Interdisciplinary Studies School SOH Course No. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of time periods and growth and development in Philippine literature. Economic Life 1. Some examples of the things that you will learn from taking this subject include Comparison of 21st century literature by region with focus on Various dimensions of Philippine literary history The other Philippine history textbook precolonial Philippines to the revolution book 1. The syllabus for Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature is different for different universities however each university follows a similar pattern. Prologue to The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer Week 6 PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION Week 7 IV. Neil Garcia BACKGROUND Teresa de Lauretis is the person who coined Queer Theory . Elements of fiction Week 4 5 III. 2011. How my brother Leon brought home a wife and other stories. 0 putting the country Philippine literature had evolved much before colonization. The Treaty became effective in the Philippines in August 17 2001. I just think I need to fit in all the literary texts from different eras since they surely show the relevance of the their themes to the time they were written. Gems in Philippine Literature 1. 2009 . This can best be appreciated in the context of the country 39 s pre colonial cultural traditions and the socio political histories of its colonial and contemporary GET IN TOUCH . Mexican and Spanish dominance over the land and the people over varying periods of time witnessed the incorporation of English Spanish Filipino and native languages to express ideology and opinion. Godinez Ortega. Syllabus Philippine Literature Free download as Word Doc . Lit102 Course pack Readings in Contemporary Philippine Literature in English compiled by Timothy Sanchez Handouts Filipino novels in English as chosen by students available at all major bookstores. Williams pgcps. Lumabas pumasok dala dala ay panggapos. Aquino This course exposes students to a variety of assessment methods appropriate for English language and Literature. We hope that this document will open more eyes Mabuhay and Welcome The Philippine Studies Department creates opportunities for students to critically understand and analyze the political historical ethnic cultural and social complexities of the Philippines as well as the nuanced experiences of Filipinxs in the diaspora to prepare students to be responsible global citizens. . Welcome to the UH M noa Filipino amp Philippine Culture Program quot Pilipino sa isip sa salita at sa gawa. Course material includes literature oral and manuscript narratives ritual performance. Philippine literature had evolved much before colonization. Agriculture 2. Certain events from the nation s history had forced lowland Filipinos to begin counting the years of history from 1521 the first time written records by Westerners referred to the archipelago later to be called Las Islas Filipinas . com id 3bc23f NzgyM Additional Physical Format Online version Survey of contemporary Philippine literature in English. Due to a nbsp Philippines Singapore and Malaysia this course offers a general o Other readings are available in PDF format on the Content page of the class website Course introduction outline of syllabus course themes and map of SE Asia. Blue and Black pens only Rules and Expectations Oct 09 2020 Philippines island country of Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. Derived from the Latin word literature meaning quot writing formed with letters quot literature most commonly refers to works of the creative imagination including poetry drama fiction nonfiction and in some instances journalism and song. A question that many incoming senior high school students and their parents frequently ask is how different the senior high school curriculum to the old high school curriculum is so to give you an idea of what SHS students will study once they begin senior high school provided below is a curriculum breakdown that you can use for reference. This test consists of up to 90 important questions. It familiarizes the students to the development of literary genres which mirror the Filipino life and values. pdf Text File . LITERATURE REVIEW EFFECTIVENESS OF GAMING IN THE CLASSROOM 11 Regardless of the format of the game students can simultaneously build their problem solving skills while having fun throughout the process if an instructional game is well designed MacKenty 2006 Harris 2009 . Google Scholar 1996 City of Manila Diwa ng Lahi award quot for his service and contribution to Philippine national Literature quot 1996 City of Los Angeles resolution declaring October 11 1996 quot N. A concise review of the literature on a particular topic related to the teaching of literature. reading writing listening and speaking and language areas i. Appreciate the different types and forms of Filipino literatures. Diaz Christine L. A. Read The Literature Workshop ch 3 6 Literary Meaning Background Knowledge Interpretations What to Say Live from the Front Leanne Koning 7 2 23 Read The Literature Workshop ch 7 10 Writing Assignments Value and Authority Literary Competence Live from the Front TBA 8 3 1 Book Review due 4 5 typed pages . Dec 07 2013 An educational blog for college students at Philippine Christian University Dasmarinas. Kung araw ay patung patong kung gabi 39 y dugtung dugtong. 1 REVIEW OF THE RELATED LITERATURE IN SCIENCE Philippine literature in Spanish Spanish Literatura filipina en espa ol Filipino Panitikang Pilipino sa Espanyol is a body of literature made by Filipino writers in the Spanish language. Ruth Elynia S. Quezon City Ateneo de Manila University Press. National Book Store 1989. Page 6 of 8 Curriculum Offering University of the Philippines Diliman College of Education Master of Arts in Education Readings Education Master of Arts in Education Social Studies Education updated the syllabus to emphasise our focus on World Literature including the continuing availability of texts in translation updated the set texts lists. Literary Genres 2. George McMichael et al. Course Code Lit 1. The syllabus is divided into three sections with each section containing a number of units. edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Email kklinkhammer mahnomen. Philippine Literature Forms in Different Periods. 01B Teaching Literature in College COURSE SYLLABUS Summer 1 2016 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION Instructor Dr. Jun 09 2010 LYCEUM NORTHERN LUZON McArthur Highway Urdaneta City Pangasinan COURSE SYLLABUS First Semester S. CORE SUBJECT STANDARD Description Comparative Literature 151 or The Literature of the Philippines in English II is a three unit course that involves the study of selected works in the literature of the Philippines written in or translated into English from the 1940s to the present. No. Philippine Literature in the early part of the 20th century. IS 161. Tanaga Jul 14 2013 Syllabus in Philippine Literature 13 14 Prof. Any person with a good grasp of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate CSEC English B syllabus or its equivalent should be able to pursue the course of study defined by this syllabus. D. Catherine P. Although geographically part of Southeast Asia the country is culturally strongly Euro American. gov. COURSE SYLLABUS WORLD LITERATURE. Art Development of Philippine Literature Philippine Literature in English 1. 10 942 ratings published 2008 Want to Read saving Description Comparative Literature 151 or The Literature of the Philippines in English II is a three unit course that involves the study of selected works in the literature of the Philippines written in or translated into English from the 1940s to the present. Jun 24 2012 More traditional forms of literature including novels plays and poetry have been less successful in conforming to new technology. docx PDF File . The Philippine Education and Training System The education system in the Philippines embraces This course exposes students to a variety of assessment methods appropriate for English language and Literature. Perhaps the most important writer in English was Nick Joaquin whose career spanned from the start of WW2 to the post Marcos era. FILIPINO PROGRAM LAUNCHES A PHILIPPINE LITERATURE FESTIVAL. So while the texts being taught may be different the area of study and topics may be the same. Because this essay deals with Filipino authored literary pieces the writer will give the reader a little background on the beginnings and growth of Philippine literature in English. Rearrange the plot of the following selected literary works in Philippine Literature The Great Flood Origin of Fair Complexion and Fair Hair The Boy Called Juan Pusong and Epic of Ibalon. Skills 1. Almost all themes in most writings dealt with the development or progress the Philippine educational system. TERM YEAR Spring 2008 OFFICE LOCATION 423 Tucker Hall TELEPHONE Oct 24 2013 The proposed curriculum for Senior High School SHS contains two literature subjects 21st Century Literatures of the World and 21st Century Literatures from the Philippine Regions The Philippine Council of Mathematics Teachers Educators MATHTED Inc. Book review presentations. Just mention the names aswang encanto kapre tikbalang or tiyanak and you ll get most Filipinos especially the young ones turning into scaredy cats. When capital migrates and labour follows whence culture What and who are the Others of a global culture Jun 15 2009 I. txt or read online for free. Prentice Hall. I. A syllabus for teaching a particular aspect of literature and an accompanying rationale. Areas of expertise include American literature and culture since 1945 African American literature and rhetoric twentieth and twenty first century world literatures in English Latino a literature Asian American literature American Jewish literature the history of the avant garde poetics the rhetorical American Literature Syllabus. of Hours 40 hours. philippine literature syllabus pdf