Why it’s time to take LinkedIn seriously

If you’ve ever wondered about the relevancy of LinkedIn, doubt no more. The business-related social network passed the 10-year milestone this weekend and now counts more than 225 million members.

But is there really value in spending time on LinkedIn? Is it worth your time to create a robust profile there? Can this platform benefit your business? The answer is yes, on all counts. Here’s why.

What well-connected entrepreneurs say


From my nearly 700 LinkedIn connections, I tapped a slew of entrepreneurs with more than 500 connections each about how they use the platform. The consensus: Time using LinkedIn is well-spent. Here’s what they said.

“My company has just joined the Microsoft Accelerator for Azure powered by TechStars and they have challenged us to do 100 customer discovery interviews in an amazingly short time frame. I’ve used LinkedIn for years and connected dutifully with people I’ve met with professionally, I’ve joined groups and followed them, but until recently I never really tried to mine the network for second level introductions – that is the part that has been interesting to me.”

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